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Joel Harper, NYC Celebrity Personal Trainer
New York, NY

“I first tried out Ares Sports Rub last fall, and was immediately impressed with how quickly it worked and how long it lasted. I also like the fact that the scent was refreshing but not overpowering. The all-natural formulation is something I feel comfortable recommending to all my clients and athletes. They are loving it.”
Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson, #1 Ranked UFC Lightweight Contender
Costa Mesa, CA

“I was introduced to Ares last summer, and was instantly hooked. It is by far the best pain relieving cream I have ever used. As I get ready for a fight, my body needs to adapt to more strenuous training sessions. Ares gets right to the source of my pain and knocks it out for hours. It's now as much as part of my regimen as a healthy diet and getting ample rest. I can’t be without it!”
Dr. Layne Norton, Natural Pro Bodybuilder and World Record Powerlifter
Tampa, FL

“Ares Sports Rub is definitely the most potent pain relieving rub I have ever used. Being someone who trains very hard and heavy with squats, presses and deadlifts 2-4 times per week, my aches and pains can accumulate over a tough training cycle. I find Ares very useful when used at the beginning of a workout to help me through pain and stiffness during some of my difficult training sessions.”
Jason Ferruggia, Nationally Known Strength Coach
Santa Monica, CA

“I train my clients to be able to perform better physically by utilizing simple, old-school lifts like squats, deadlifts, and presses. Compound lifts like these are great for building muscle but often times produce soreness. My wife and I recently started using Ares and were amazed at how quickly it helped alleviate the aches, pains and stiffness that heavy weightlifting can sometimes result in. It’s now part of our routine and we’ve since started recommending it to many of our clients. It’s great stuff!”
Nick Catone, UFC Middleweight Fighter
Brick, NJ

“I met the guys at Ares Sports Rub at a grappling tournament, and they gave me a few tubes to sample. Being an all-natural pain reliever, it was something I was able to safely incorporate into my training routine. I have since introduced it to the pro fighters in my gym, and they all swear by it. It’s now featured at my academy, and all my members have access to this great new product.”
Amelia Boone, 2013 Spartan Race World Champion and 2012 World’s Toughest Mudder
Chicago, IL

“Being a champion obstacle racer can be challenging since there isn’t a standard way to train specifically for a race. As a result, injuries can and do often happen. I use Ares to help me recover from pain before it becomes an injury. Unlike other sports rubs, I love that Ares contains arnica, which helps reduce inflammation from minor strains, sprains and bruises. It keeps my body feeling good in between events, and that makes it very valuable to me.”
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John Gaglione, Strength and Powerlifting Coach
Farmingdale, NY

“We have collegiate athletes and nationally ranked powerlifters that train at Gaglione Strength, and it’s imperative we do whatever it takes to keep everyone healthy and feeling their best. Ares contains only all-natural ingredients so I can be sure my team won’t be absorbing any synthetics or chemicals into their bodies. I highly recommend this product.”
Steve Rayne, M.S. Physical Therapy
Kennett Square, PA

"Ares Sports Rub is not only a great product in the clinical setting, it is also fantastic at the gym and in the home. It goes on smoothly and finishes strong! I feel it is the best OTC analgesic sports cream on the market today. I highly recommend Ares to my patients, family members, and friends.”
Susan Sylvester
Pine Brook, NJ

"As a busy mother of three boys, an avid workout junkie, and a full-time worker bee, who has time to deal with the occasional pain associated with the simple sprains and strains of living a hectic life? Ares Sports Rub affords me the ability to take care of my pain quickly and easily. I absolutely love it."
Anthony D’Orsaneo
High School Student

"As a soccer and lacrosse player, I participate on four separate teams, and my body is constantly sore from the daily practices and workouts. Ares Sports Rub is my go-to when I need to relax my muscles. It works for me, and I am sure it will work for you."
Bob Hosier
Mt. Airy, MD

"I love this product! As an active older adult, dealing with daily muscle and joint aches and pains used to slow me down. Not anymore! Ares Sports Rub gives me hours of pain-free living that keeps me in the game. Thank you, Ares!"
Antonio Martin
Rutherford, NJ

"As an owner of a martial arts studio, I train in hand to hand combat and real life situations on a daily basis. Much of what I do involves joint manipulation. Ares is a great help after long training sessions because it works fast and targets my pain spots. I recommend it to all my students."
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