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  • Our History

    Ares Sports Rub - The Warrior in Pain Relief

The creation of Ares Sports Rub arose from physical therapist Scott Hazuda’s frustration with other topical pain relieving creams and lotions on the market. Not only did Hazuda find these products to be less effective than they claim to be, he also found that they were loaded with harsh and potentially harmful chemicals and synthetics. So Hazuda took it upon himself to formulate and manufacture a sports rub that was both effective and all-natural. He chose the name Ares, the Greek God of War. Ares Sports Rub is The Warrior in Pain Relief.

After recognizing that many of the products on the market were primarily filler with some active ingredients, Hazuda extensively researched which specific ingredients would make a superior pain relieving sports rub. After many sample batches, he finally perfected his formula.

Ares Sports Rub is a complex compound. At the foundation of Ares is a greaseless and gelatinous lotion. It goes on effortlessly with no mess or residue. The power-plant to Ares is 10% menthol and 10% methyl salicylate. Both are highly effective ingredients to topical analgesic products. Finally, a combination of homeopathic ingredients, including natural camphor, eucalyptus, yucca, MSM, arnica and comfrey extracts, sets Ares apart from the rest.

Ares is manufactured by Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics Inc. , an FDA-approved cosmetic lab, in a careful, specific process. Both Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics and Ares both commit to proactive and sustainable practices and both organizations are cruelty free, never testing on animals, never using animal products and never using individual ingredients that were tested on animals.

Ares Sports Rub is intended for the temporary relief of arthritic pain, backache, muscle and joint pain due to overuse, tendonitis and bursitis. Although Ares is designed for athletes, it is effective for anyone who is experiencing physical muscle or joint pain. From the homemaker to the professional athlete, Ares Sports Rub is The Warrior in Pain Relief!

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